Air Costa Baggage Allowance

All the passengers have the right to check their bag allowance with a maximum size that should not be exceeding with its 50 linear inches, 127 cm as Length, width, height. Any of the luggage of Air costa baggage allowance that exceeding with its weight in its allowance is determined by its fare type.  The size of air costa baggage allowance will be of subjected to its space in which the availability and its charges are according to its excess luggage for its fees. The over-sized luggage or the bags that are exceeding with 60 pounds will be charged as a cargo and those are subjected to its space availability in it.

For free baggage allowance in Air Costa it depends upon the availability of its space in the aircraft. The airline will allows the passenger to carry 20kgs of its weight per passenger child or adult in with an economy class. for rs. 250 per kg will be applicable on the excess baggage. For passengers like adult or children traveling in economy plus, will be checked by the baggage weight which is upto 30kgs is allowed.

In air costa allows for the passengers a free check-in baggage allowance are of 20 kg per adult and for the children are in economy class with up to 30 kg per adult. The dimensions of air costa baggage allowance the check-in baggage should not exceed with 115 cm, 45inc in overall its dimensions in its Length, Width and Height. A flat rate of INR 250 per kg or a part thereof for per sector is charged towards the excess baggage. Passengers of Air costa will be allowed to carry with a maximum number of one piece of the hand baggage including laptop or of ladies hand bags of its weight that should not be exceeding beyond 7 kg and also it should not be exceeding with the following measurements in its size as the length of 55 cm, width of 25 cm and its height of 35 cm. The travel insurance are of worry-free in its travel experience on Air costa, passengers can get the Travel Insurance. To check with the flight status of Air Costa flights, the passenger need to visit air costa companies website. For baggage policy in International connections air costa follows with a liberal policy of its baggage allowance for an international flight with its connections

The Air Costa baggage allowance is very generous of 20 kg in its economy and 30 kg in Economy Plus. The maximum allowed dimensions for the baggage will be of 115 cm or with 45 inches. An excess baggage will be charged at Rs. 250 per kg. One piece of hand baggage is allowed and it should not be exceeded upto 7 kg in its weight and of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm in its dimensions. A laptop or a handbag will be allowed in addition to this pieces. The passengers should also note that the golf bag is allowed as a baggage on flights particularly in this airline, and some amended are of excess baggage rules that may apply to this. All the baggage which claims must be substantiated with documented proof for purchase, including date and purchase price.

In hand baggage allowance the passenger are allowed to carry with one hand luggage in cabin on-board Air Costa. The maximum weight are allowed is 7 kgs and with the dimensions of the bag lengths are of 55 cm, width of 35 cm and the height is of 25 cm. Apart from this carry-on luggage, the passenger will also be allowed to carry on with one laptop bag or with a ladies hand bag.

In Air costa baggage free baggage allowance is permitted by Air Costa that is dependent on class of travel of passenger. In an economy class the fliers are allowed to carry with up to 20 kgs for per adult and a child. In an economy plus fliers are allowed only upto 30 kgs for per adult and a child. There is further more restriction that the sum of its dimensions of luggage shall not be of more than 115 cms in its Length, breath and in height. For an excess baggage, there is a flat rate of upto Rs 250 per kg for per sector shall be levied.

In air costa baggage allowance it allows the carriage of a checked baggage without any cost if the weight of these items falls within its free allowance weight. However, in air costa if the baggage weight and if the golf kit or the ski kit weight exceeds with its free allowance then for the first time with its 15 kgs excess, then the chargeable weight will only be of 6 kgs for Golf kit and 3 kgs for Ski Kit. For the passengers who are exceeding their baggage allowance, will be pleased to allow with the extra time at the airport to pay with excess.