Air Costa Ticket cancellation

Air Costa airlines allows for cancellation of bookings that are subjected that the Cancellations of Booking must be made at least two hours prior to its scheduled departure. Air Costa Ticket Cancellation will charge a time for specific cancellation before the flight scheduled for its departure. Example: If any of the Air costa flight is booked before the time of 20:30 hours of the scheduled to its departure time. If applicable the fee for the bookings is being made from 12 hrs.

If any of the passenger who does not check in for a flight for at least for forty-five (45) minutes prior to its scheduled or departure time he or she will be considered as ‘no show’ as referred in clause 4.1, the total fare will be of forfeited, however, the Passengers shall be, entitled to a refund of the airport charges along with the taxes. At any time after booking has been made, passenger may change their schedules or cancel, divert, terminate, postpone, delay or reschedule of any of the flight if it is caused by an events of the force majeure.  With an extraordinary circumstances beyond their control of the airline, the impact of it will lead to delay, cancellation etc, also could not have been avoided even if any of all reasonable measures had been taken by the airline. AIR COSTA will occasionally update its cancellation charges of the tickets booked with the policy statement of its privacy to reflect and of the customer feedback.

Before air costa ticket cancellation the Taxes, Fees and other charges are collected as it is applicable, at the time of its booking. Any change in their rates or amounts of its taxes, duties and other applicable charges are after the date of booking will become as payable to Air Costa Ticket cancellation, said it as difference in Taxes / Fees / other charges, as applicable will be collected at the airports on the day of passenger departure. The total fare amount is charged by Air Costa includes: basic fare, surcharges payable to Air Costa, with the airport charges and the taxes are imposed by the government at the airports. These are with the fare components that passengers will undergo with the changes at any time without any of the notice. Currently the Air Costa’s surcharges include fuel charge (ATF), Transaction charge.

Air costa ticket is of non-refundable in its convenience fee of INR 100 per passenger as per the segment it will be charged for all the transaction that are made by an air costa website, reservations & airport ticketing counter (ATO/CTO). For the passengers who are requested for duplicate print-outs of their ticket at the airport reservation counter, will be paid with an additional fee of Rs. 100 per ticket at the time of checking the ticket at the ticket counter. Passenger Service Fee (PSF), User Development Fee (UDF), & the Service Tax will be charged as it is applicable at different airports and are displayed while the booking is done. If the cancellation is done with less than the 2 hours with prior to their departure, no show cost will included only government Levies and taxes will be refundable.

Children at the age of 5-11 are of age are subjected to UMNR charges of INR-1500. Also the children who are under the age of 2 years will not be occupying any of the seats which are subjected to the Fee of INR 1000 per sector and are of inclusive of all the taxes, fees and surcharges.

Fares of air costa ticket cancelation are subject to change without any prior notice. All ticket cancellation charges will be applicable, if there are any cancellations made from the passenger end towards the booked tickets of each individual passenger.

There are certain time limit for the day and time of cancelation for air costa tickets which is between the 2 Days – 7 Days, For example if the booking are cancelled between 22nd MAY 2031 hours and from 27th MAY 2030 hours the cancellation charges will be of Rs. 2,000 as per the passenger per segment 2,000.  There are certain time limits for the passenger where they can do the ticket cancelation as up-to 7 days, 22nd MAY 2030 hours: Rs. 1500 per passenger for per segment is of 1,500.

In Air Costa Ticket cancellation is made between 2 Hours- 48 Hours, if the booking is cancelled between 27th MAY 2031 hours and 29th MAY 1830 hours: Rs. 2,250 per passenger per segment 2,250,  0-2 hours. Cancellation of Air costa tickets should be done during this period is treated as there is no show and only the airport taxes are of refundable.  If a flight of air costa is cancelled, the flight authority will make each and every effort to transport the passengers on to the next available flight or to provide them with an alternate means of transport.