Air India Flight Status

India’s oldest air carrier is Air India airlines. Air India airlines has a network of passenger and cargo service worldwide. India‚Äôs national air carrier is Air India and is one of the 2 states owned airline operating flights to 95 destinations all over the world. The airline is considered the father of air travel in India. Air India is bestowed for the state of art service to its passengers. The airline is in Mumbai, the airline has based itself in Chennai and New Delhi. The airline ensures great service, which guarantees a complete set of luxury and comfort.

Air India has a very well maintained fleet with 121 aircrafts 91 owned, 22 on lease and 8 on sale and lease from Airbus and Boeing companies that are covering short, medium and long distances. With flights flying to as more than 95 destinations across the country and world, Air India offers the best facility and services. Offering pleasurable and cheap ticket air travel, Air India covers up to 50 destinations worldwide.

Making air travel a pleasure, Air India operates frequent flights to different domestic locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata and also covers the international rink with flights to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Doha, Dar -es-Salam, Dubai, Chicago, Abu Dhabi, New york, and a number of other important destinations. Air India offers reasonable airfare without negotiating on the quality of the service and safety of the passengers flying with them.

Now you can avail another facility from Air India airline which is, you can now check the flight status of all the Air India flights. Go to the official website launched by Air India airlines, you will have an option called check flight status give a click. The page will take you to another page whereas, you will be required to enter flight operator and flight number to find out the flight information and you can also search for latest informations on the flights arrival and departure status of all the Air India flights. This option enables you to have access on the flights status.

The Air India airline can be complemented for its technological growth. The brand offers unmatchable services and hospitality towards its passengers. This air carrier had received a huge number of prestigious accolades since its commencement. Air India makes your air travel a leisure jaunt. Hence, travelling with the airline is a treat for your air travel.