Air India PNR Status

To check Air India PNR status the passenger should follow steps below:

  1. Just Visit Air India Official Website for PNR Check.
  2. There is two option :-
  • If You have membership Number and Password and login
  • or go ahead as a guest Then Enter your PNR Number and Last Name.
  1. Later it will show you the updated PNR status of the passenger.


The Air India PNR status or Passenger Name Record status can be obtained on the website. The information about passengers bookings like the timings of flight, arrival or departure, waiting list or seat confirmed of the PNR is very much important. The Air India Airlines offer a facility to verify and print the booking status of Air India flight on their website. If the passenger has booked the tickets so he can check his PNR status in the website of the Air India with the help of the PNR number of Air India. They can also get information on the vacant seats of the ticket of the passenger will be confirmed by the Air India PNR status, the status is updated regularly to provide ultimate services to the passengers. PNR number stores all the information of the passenger which is linked their particular tickets.

The Air India PNR number is an exclusive 10 numbers code, which will be allotted for tickets of the passengers, PNR number will generate a data base which records all the data of passenger in it with the help of the computer reservation system for the passenger in particular information. The PNR number of Air India becomes the orientation for the passenger to check their reservations of their seats. This number can be found on top of the ticket issued to the passenger from the Air India Airlines. The status of your Air India PNR can also be checked at the airports. Air India ticket is connected with its Air India PNR Status with the number which stores the information of the passengers.

Passenger can check their PNR current status of the tickets by just logging into the certified website of the Air India. In order to verify the present status of the Air India flight ticket, passenger has to enter the ticket PNR number that will be tracked through the box. The PNR number is positioned at the top of travelers Air India ticket, which will be allocated to the passenger at the time of booking tickets. The current status of the ticket will be shown as soon as traveler enters the PNR number.

To verify the tickets just sign in to the website of the Air India with the correct email ids which was used to book tickets then enter the booking reference number also known as the PNR number then the first and last name of the passenger same as used in booking tickets and then click on the view button and the present status of PNR will be shown by the website of Air India Airlines.

Once the ticket is booked for the airlines of Air India you will find the PNR or booking reference number getting displayed as it gets generated from the records of the Air India website. The journey details of  travelers or group of passengers flying through the Air India Airline on that particular ticket will be part of this database. With the help of PNR number the passenger can verify the booking status, flight details, time schedule of the flight and so on. Despite the flight they are traveling.

With the help of Air India one can simply get PNR Status in few clicks and following the instructed tabs.  The Air India Airlines is known for winning many awards. The customer service ability is also accessible over there the passenger portal on the website, or on can make a call to Air India customer service for checking their PNR status. It assists those travelers who have forgotten to take a copy of the tickets which they reserved from online. During emergency conditions, Air India provides the greatest comfort to the travelers through online.

The passenger who wants to make a change in their itinerary also required to check the Air India website and can make it easily. The passenger just needs to log into the website to make changes and submit all required details for the purpose of verification. One can make use of the customer care for Air India by making calls in last minutes to know about their tickets.

The Air India PNR status is very much easy to be operated by anyone, the passenger can check his arrival and departure according to his needs and requirements at 24X7. Air India makes your journey smooth and comfortable. Air India website is built on the leadership of convinced principle with numbers of guests, and their replies being the prospects. Air India PNR Status also provides the pricing strategy of its flight and its value added services on the website.

Once can also verify whether passengers flight is on the time as scheduled. When flight is delayed and the passenger wants to see the details. They can find it out on PNR Status on Mobile and get the information at your service.