Air India Ticket cancellation

Once the passenger makes the reservation through an online the passenger can make use of the “My Booking” section to modify or to cancel your reservation only for the fully un-utilized tickets. In Air India Ticket there is a link to the book the tickets through is by “My Booking” and its section can be accessed from its homepage from any of the Air India website through

Air India Tickets can be modified or cancelled just by a request before its bookings is made online also it will be processed automatically through online Internet Booking Engine. If any of the passengers refund is due then it will be done only through the system in accordance with its applicable modification or through cancellation rules.

In Air India Ticket cancellation or by doing rebooking, is a fare difference and it may be payable only to the change, as per their fare applicable to rebooked its date, with its additional rebooking facilities the fees or the charges. Any additional charges or difference fare are modified for reservation that can be paid through any of the payment modes that are mentioned while cancelling the tickets, however it is advisable to use the same payment mode through the cards that are used for its original reservation.

Also the passengers should note that if the booking tickets are modified or it is cancelled through the call centre, reservations office or if it’s partly utilized, it also cannot be further modified or cancelled through the online service. In case of the modification, cancellation the request for bookings is made through online and it will be processed automatically through an Internet Booking Engine. Any refundable amount is due will be done through the system in accordance with the applicable modification or with the cancellation rules.

Further the online Air India Ticket cancellation or its modification is done with single the PNR that have a multiple passengers who are booked on it, they will also result in cancellation or in modification for all the booked passengers and if it is not possible to cancel the ticket of one passenger from a multi passenger booking in Air India Ticket cancellation. Passenger also would have a contact to the call centre such as for cancelations or for rebooking of the tickets.

Passenger are requested to kindly send an email to an website for the cancelation of the tickets in the following circumstances. If the passenger are unable to access to the “Cancellation” section due to an error or if passengers are of fare rule does not permit or to refund if in case for any of involuntary refunds or it is modified.

In Air India Ticket cancellation the payment will be done in mode of cash or a cheque with the amount refunded that is sent to the address that is specified by the passenger. For any online booking clarifications, for any queries or for any non receipt of refund that is made while booking the tickets or even when the passenger is opted for an Air India Ticket cancellation.

If any refund is against the tickets that had been purchased or cancelled through the passenger’s credit card or debit cards will only be in accordance with their credit or debit card refund procedures. Also the passengers should note that if the cancellation and the refund rules will differ for different fare types of passengers and of the same are displayed in the ‘View Fare Rules’ link on the Flights and the Fare Options pages are of selected tabs.

If the booking of tickets in Air India has not been made online, so the passenger are pleased to contact at any of an AIR INDIA office to make the necessary changes or if there is any cancellation that has to be made against the passengers reservation. The tickets will be refunded from the ticket issuing office only. The refund of a Air India Ticket cancellation ticket will be issued by the Air India Ticket cancellation Travel Agent will be processed by issuing only to Travel Agent only.

The passengers who are holding an open tickets that are issued across Air India counters, travel agents should contact to their nearest Air India office, travel agent for endorsing the tickets to travel. While doing bookings the passengers cannot be made an online using existing open tickets.

As per the directives of the Central Government of India of service tax will be applicable as that are related with its collections which are a part of its transport to the passenger who are travelling by air. The charge of service tax are of 4.944% that would be payable on its rebooking and the cancelation or the refund fees will be charged.

These charges are included with its charges that are displayed to its passengers while rebooking or while the cancelation policy with its fare rules. In normal circumstances in Air India the refunded amount is processed with immediately. And however, in case of any credit card bank transfer, it will take time of minimum twenty days.