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It is the India’s national airline, Air India provides both domestic and international air transport services to both passengers and also for the cargo transportation. Air India established the country’s flight sector and its history is tantamount with the history of civil aviation in India. Air India exemplifies the essence of India by outspreading warm generosity and the compulsion to gratify its visitors. In a single word it can be compared that is it is an inherent characteristic of the country’s culture of India.

Do Air India Web Check In

The first flight flew on October 15, 1932 from then to now the Air India has developed to become a humongous international airline which is been linked to 34 destinations of USA, Australia, Far-East, South-East Asia, Europe and the Gulf countries. The airlines domestic network covers for about 51 destinations which includes all capitals and widespread areas of India’s North-East, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The airline also provides its services in ground handling, engineering & maintenance services. They also have low-cost travel options through its companies. Air India is a best flag airliner in the country with a rich antiquity and a global network of passenger as well as cargo services. Air India is the only airline in that is state-owned airline in the country which is connected for about total of 146 international and domestic destinations globally. The best and advanced facility of Air India web check in facility helps the passengers in having a definite booking and check in for the flight through the official Air India website.

The service is accessible only 24 hours in advance and up to the two hours before the departure of the passenger’s flight. The Passengers will be able to select their chosen seats from the seat map provided on the website and the passengers who are traveling domestically will be able to get the boarding passes though the travellers. If they are bound for offshore locations then they get a confirmation slip which is needed and should be presented at the airport during the check in. Intercontinental passengers should be required to change the confirmation slip for a boarding pass. For this process the passengers don’t have to reach the airport two hours before and wait for the flight. As Air India web check in allows you to check in by just providing the PNR details. The PNR number is valid only for maximum 4 passengers to web check in. And the Check in time for the domestic flights is 45 minutes before the departure and 60 minutes before the departure in case of international flights.

If the customer have baggage other than the hand baggage they will have to report satisfactorily in advance before check-in. unceasingly altering and re-inventing it to stay ahead of scuffle, Air India has been enduring to be dedicated to provide superior service sustained by the latest technology to the flyers of worldwide. The Star Coalition network is the leading global airline network, with the extreme number of member airlines daily flights and terminuses connecting countries all over world. It was been recognized in 1997 as the first actual global airline connotation that offer passengers a suitable ambiance worldwide reach and a smoother travel experience. In this segment you will find info on the Star Alliance member airlines details of the organization and its originality of operations.

The travellers, who are travel on Air India benefit of the Web Check-in facility. It’s a facility where the travellers can check-in themselves for Air India flights at their opportuneness from their own place. All that they need is a PC or Laptop with internet connectivity and a printer. The web check in facility is accessible within 48 hours of departure of the flight and that will shut down within 2 hours earlier of the departure. The traveller has to visit the Air India website and go to the web check-in page, where they should follow some simple tips for checking of the ticket.

Passengers travelling on domestic sectors are allotted with boarding passes were they can take the print of the boarding pass and then can move towards security check at the airport. If in case the traveller has handbag then only the passenger should register for the baggage counter for the collecting and depositing the registered baggage tags. The travellers who are travelling on international sectors will be issued the confirmation slip as a substitute of a boarding card. At the airport, they will need to contact the dedicated baggage drop counter to get their baggage, if any registered and to get the document verification done. If in case a person is travelling in Air India to fly to a particular destination, then definitely they will experience the great service with world class ambiance.

The experience is enhanced with the Web check-in solutions, which is provided by the Air India with impeccable perfection. You can check your flight status by using electronic ticket number. You may also simply check in online and select your seat, meals and other flight services using the feature of the web check in. All you need to do is click on the Web check-in tab and track the instructions. Then you may take a print out of your boarding pass and arrive suitably before your flight. Passengers of First and Business classes can arrive before 45 minutes of flight departure but for the Economy class the passengers can reach before 90 minutes.