Air Vistara Ticket cancellation

Passenger will find the below mentioned fare rules and its conditions are applicable to its respective cabin classes. Air Vistara ticket is fare for its breakup that has been displayed when the passenger will select Air Vistara flights, where it includes its taxes and surcharges.

Inter your travel details and Air vistara will obtain with the best suitable flights for its passenger. If passenger are booking in group for more than the 9 passengers, it may require any special support during the flight, we request to the passenger to call up our customer service center at 1860-108-9999 for detailed information.

Cancellation and request to refund the amount on the tickets can be positioned through Air Vistara customer care service centre (1860 108 9999) before 01 hour or within the flight is scheduled for its departure. There are no refunds on the fares except for the taxes (Government taxes) that is slotted under its ‘promotional discount’ and of a ‘non-refundable’ rates.

For the refund of the flight tickets fares will not allow to fall under ‘non-refundable’ and of ‘promotional discount’ with its category where it had been booked through the Internet, the amount is paid back to the passenger for whom they have used credit/ debit card while purchasing the ticket. The waiver can be availed to the passenger only within 24 hours of booking a ticket and for cancellation, the air vistara is said in a release. In Air Vistara it is the lowest and economy fare of the tickets that will be of non-refundable. Air Vistara move is for sure to have an impact on the booking patterns, as the customers will start to book the air tickets after its being doubly sure about their travel in plans.  The passenger can find the conditions and fare rules that are applicable to its respective cabin classes. Air Vistara will farely breakup with its rule that had displayed when the individual passenger will select the flight, in which its includes with surcharges and taxes.

In case of a flight disruption due to delay or change in flight schedule, the airport authority will send out an Email and SMS alerts to the passenger if they have booked to travel on the affected flight. Cancellation and the request for tickets refund can be placed through the customer service centre (1860 108 9999) up to 01 hour before the flight is scheduled for its departure. And there will be no refunds on fares except taxes (Government taxes) slotted under its ‘non-refundable’ and for the ‘promotional discount’ prices.

For refund of fares that do not fall under the non-refundable and the promotional discount of its category and it can be booked through Internet, the amount is paid back to the passengers who used the credit/ debit card for purchasing its ticket.

Refund of air vistara tickets at the price will be purchased.  As Air Vistara in India, is especially about its budget carriers, that once again it had been slashing its ticket prices ahead of its bend season but somehow it have raised its cancellation prices with upto 50% to 100%.

A flight to the first point of departure. Alternate the transportation will be under its comparable an of an alternate mode of transport whenever it is applicable, and for its final destination. With the later date to its passenger’s convenience, and are subject of availability of its seats.

Once a compensation alternative it has been selected and are finalized by an individual customers where they will not have any option to switch to another form of compensation. In the event if  the customers is not wishing to travel through the given flight than instead on an alternate or subsequent flight of the carrier concerned or if it is desired by its passengers, that provides them with an alternate travel opportunities at no additional cost.

In cases of cancellations happening due to forces beyond the control of airlines, the carrier is not under any obligation to pay the compensations or to provide facilities. These conditions also include cancellations attributable to ATC, meteorological conditions, risks of security, strike, etc. These even include external factors such as bird strike, bandh, crew not able to reach due to jams, delays due to offloading or gate no-shows.

It is the duty of Air Vistara to inform the customers who have provided it relevant landline/mobile nos or email ID at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. If it fails to communicate the cancellation, passengers are eligible for monetary compensation or refunds of tickets.

Monetary compensation is the lower sum of Rs 2000 or ticket price for flights having block time of 1 hr; Rs 3000 or ticket value for block time of 1-2 hours and Rs 4000 or ticket value for more than 2 hours of block time for flights.

Monetary compensation will not be provided when the passenger has not provided the right contact number at the time of making the bookings and only refunds are provided in this case. Besides compensation, the other options provided are: refund of tickets, flight back to first point of departure and alternate transportation to final destination at the same time or at a future date.

There is also a provision of providing facilities such as meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation and transfers if these are necessary.