Go Air Baggage Allowance

Go Air Baggage Allowance is backed by the Go Air customer service staff as well as customer care which are  available at the airport to handle it that takes care of all kinds of customer queries. Passenger can also dial the toll free number of the airline to get in detail information related to their travel with GoAir.

In Go Air Baggage Allowance has premium class services with an exclusive section of airline, it is specially designed service which cater with to the elite business travelers. Go Air Baggage Allowance is a unique premium service, in which the passengers can receive special seats in the first two rows and an complimentary in meals.

With Go Air Baggage Allowance the airline allows the customers to check-in up to 20 kg of luggage on Go Smart of Go Flexi bookings and 35 kg on Go Business. The customers can also get additional information about all these Go Air Baggage Allowance through different online travel agencies. Besides, Go Air Baggage Allowance provisions for travelling with more luggage’s by paying some of its additional charges. One can also log on to the airlines web site, which gives information  of major traveling, one can get the detailed information about GoAir baggage allowance and also many other information. The customers can also book their flights through online booking facilities from the website.

Go Air Baggage Allowance allow  travelers who are with 1 pcs of cabin baggage having  less than 7 kgs of weight and length of 115 cm baggage with total of (55+35+25 cms) that are linear in its dimensions. For any oversized baggage can be carried on the seats and subjected to the payments that are applicable and for the seats which are on the condition that passenger should not be more than 75 kg in weight and are not tall than a headrest of the airlines seat.

There is a limit in Go Air Baggage Allowance for carrying one bag which is up to 32 kgs. Go Air Baggage Allowance also provides special baggage such as musical and sporting equipment’s, if in case of oversized that would be carried out with any additional charge of Rs 1000 per piece or per sector. For all those people who are traveling to an international destination with emergency can also board with Go Air flight within 24 hours of arrival or going to travel to an international destination within 24 hours of its departure of Go Air flight at particular destination. And these also includes baggage checked in Go Air Baggage Allowance which is of 46 kgs on all three types of bookings, that includes Go Flexi, Go Smart and Go Business. Go Air Baggage Allowance are prepaid with an excess baggage policy of GoAir which permits one to carry out excess of the luggage which are at the following pre-defined slabs.

Go Air Baggage Allowance are checked within the baggage which is up to of 15 kgs the luggage’s are termed as Go Smart and Go Flexi bookings that provides 35 kgs for Go Business. Further, there is a restriction for its dimensions which should not be more than of 158 cms. From Srinagar, Leh till Jammu airports are highly checked in baggage allowance and provided with higher care. In Go Air Baggage Allowance are given for 22kgs on Go Smart or for Go Flexi and 42 kgs on Go Business.

In flight services of Go Air Baggage Allowance for regular and affordable tickets of the airline follows a no-frills policy. Hence they are of any kind of refreshments and must be purchased by the passengers. GoAir baggage allowance have varies premium and regular seats, that one may also check it up to 20 kgs with the formers and  10 kgs with its latter.

Go Air operates with almost 22 destinations in India, with over 140 daily flights and approximately 975 weekly flights. Due to the small size of its fleet they operate with around 19 aircraft. Go Air does not operates with any of an international flights as per as the guidelines of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India in 2012. Airline has applied for its waiver with regards to the ministry which is yet to be approved. Go Air has won the following awards like Best Domestic Airline for their Excellence in their quality and efficiency for its services in a pacific area who travel with the writers association and are with best performing airlines by it Airbus.

Go Air does not provide any complimentary meals in flights, one have to buy-on board in-flight meal program. Passengers have wide choice of Cafe Coffee Day snacks, nuts, tea, sandwiches, samosa, cookies, soft drinks, coffee, mineral water and many more. The airline GoAir’s provide with an exclusive of its in-flight magazine with “Go-getter” in which its gives an information about seasonal Indian holidays with destinations product information about GoAir and various duty free products which can be bought on board.