Go Air PNR Status

To check PNR status the passenger should follow steps below:

  1. Go to the Go Air Official website for PNR status.
  2. Then Enter Your Last name and Enter PNR.
  3. Later it will show you the updated PNR status of the passenger.


PNR number is the passenger name record number in a database of the airlines. Go Air PNR Status means knowing the Booking Status of the flight tickets of Go Air. As a passenger if you have confusion in how to check PNR status this article will assist you to get check the PNR status online.

Once you have your 10 digit PNR Number, you can type in your PNR number in the text box and click ‘Get PNR Status’ button. Within moments you will get the PNR status details from the servers of Go air airlines. One can get the confirmation of the ticket in terms weather it is confirmed or not. And also can take print. Due to this Go Air PNR status check facility many passenger are happy to travel in Go air airlines without any tension. To get all the accesses about the flight details you can visit Go air website.

Go air PNR status is built on the belief that all the passengers should check their ticket’s on PNR status through a free portal with PNR website Go Air in online.  With Go air PNR status  check it make their work easy and give enhanced experience to traveller for their Journey in Plane.

Go Air has fabulous opportunity for the passenger were they can check the PNR status from their website. And also you can also book tickets on the spot and also passenger can make earlier reservations through its online service in Go air web site. So that the passengers can check their PNR status relaxed in online and from anywhere, where one can have access to internet.

With all the bookings made with Go air Airways the passengers can check-in online from 24 hours to 2 hours before departure. With a few easy clicks they can duck the airport check-in queues. One can choose the desired seat and print Boarding Pass. Once the passenger checks his PNR status then they can print the Boarding Pass and take it with to the airport and present it at the Bag Drop counter. If the passenger goes without taking a print of boarding pass then they will be having the experience of delaying checking-in. So to avoid the delay the best solution to easily cop up with the check in process is to visit Go air website in which one can check all the details about the flight and PNR status.

The individual forms of Identification can be done by Go Airways PNR Booking Reference Number 6 digit alpha-numeric booking reference located on your Itinerary. Mobile boarding passes are also available and convenient option for guests with internet-enabled mobile devices. If in case you need to access your mobile boarding pass, and then simply complete your online check-in within three hours before departure using a mobile device. And there is a facility that your pass can also be sent to your email address or stored on Passbook. We also recommend you to take a screenshot of the mobile boarding pass, as the 2D barcode need to be scanned while you pass through the airport security and boarding gate.

PNR status can be checked online with the PNR assigned for every ticket. Once the waitlist program happens, the status of PNR changes.

In this way you can check easily the PNR status and the passengers can have tension free journey through the Go air travel. For the best and comfort journey in the flight then your choice should be Go Airline.

Go Air on track instigated in the year 2005 and its flight services connecting every major city across India All the flight details can be tracked on the PNR portal of the website. With the outstanding service and customer friendly employees the airline has set a standard with outstanding services on the website. With the upcoming airlines in the Indian Flying ground Go Air is the first prime of the customers in India to travel across the country. All the flights of Go Air are high-tech A320s fleets, which are comfortable for the passengers through travelling and are connected with the PNR checks.

It provides unrivaled fleet services to 21 cities in India. It is a low cost airline carrier, hence it has economic class seats only, but there is no business or first class. Go Air has friendly welcoming and well accomplished staffs in the cabin crew and the ground staff that are on their toes to help the passengers with any information and direction. With the website of Go Air it provides one of the best airline services, which includes the Go Air PNR checks and web check in process. Go air has many facilities that like Go club which is a program where the passengers can buy meals in flight through their journey they can alive this on the website.