Jet Airways baggage allowance

Baggage allowances are the limits obligatory by Jet Airways on luggage quantity that a passenger can store. Additional charges will be applied for extra baggage. In JET Airways Baggage allowance is a Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) that may differ depending on the class of passenger travel (First Class, Premiere or Economy), flight type (flights within India or international flights), rout and passengers Jet Privilege Tier status. To view the baggage allowance the passenger should enter the details of him. Please note the additional baggage allowance charges will not be mentioned in the tickets of the passenger.

The separate tickets will be issued for the routes within India or with the abroad connections in Jet Airways, the baggage allowance shown on the domestic ticket will apply to the routes within India. In JET Airways Baggage allowance the member is of a co-brand credit card holder, he or she will be entitled to only 20 kgs of additional baggage allowance.

The journeys between India and international destinations, where the international flights have their connections with Jet Airways flights who are operating in India also with additional excess baggage rates  will applied. Exception of the additional of less baggage rates will be applicable on flights departing from Middle East, Gulf, and Middle East with connections on domestic India flights.

All passengers who are carrying check-in baggage or items with in the specified dimensions of 150 cms will not be charged at the airport counter. This fee will be charged in addition to the passengers who are existing with the excess baggage fees wherever is applicable. This fee is only applicable to all the guests who are travelling within India.

In JET Airways Baggage allowance assistive devices and outer garments do not count as personal items. All carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of passenger. Passenger must be able to lift their carry-on into the overhead storage without assistance. All carry-on bags must hold to the following requirements.

For JET Airways Baggage allowance in flights on Boeing or Airbus aircraft with the maximum dimensions of carry-on Luggage must be 45 linear in 115 cm (length + width + height). Flights like Airbus and Boeing aircraft is 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. Flights on ATR aircraft will be 50 cm x 45 cm x 20 cm Maximum Weight of Carry-on Luggage is 15 lb/7 kg. Free baggage allowance will be printed on individual passenger’s ticket. JET Airways Baggage allowance may be based on its weight or number of bags.

For international travel, including domestic portion of journey, are subjected to the Warsaw Convention, the liability limits for its delay, the passenger can claims for the pilferage, if any, it will be settled by establishing actual weight loss or on the basis of estimated weight loss. In Jet Airways Baggage allowance the passengers will be assured that there is no liability or damage occurred for perishable for fragile items, electronic, jewellery, keys money, keys, negotiable papers, photographic equipment, precious metals, silverware, securities other valuables items, also of business documents, medicines, medical documents, passports and other identification documents, or the samples, which are included in the guest’s checked baggage allowance with or without the knowledge of the Carrier.

Jet Airways baggage allowance will not show any evidence of wear and tear in the course of normal handling. Jet Airways Baggage allowance will promise the passenger that take care of the passengers properties well  the Jet Airways baggage allowance will take care of the passengers  things in such a way that there will not be any damage occurred.

Passengers should note that the TSA transport security administration screens of every passenger’s must be done of the baggage, who are departing from the foreign country from Jet airways before boarding on the airplane. Sometimes the TSA requires to physically ensure that the Jet airways baggage allowance. For security purpose, the TSA has combined with several companies to build up the locks that can be unlock with the help of security officer’s  universal master key so that the locks should not be cut.

Passengers departing from the United States of America are guided to get use of TSA permitted locks. TSA websites will be having the details of such locks. And it is available in the airports and at the travel stores. To check whether they are TSA approved or not the passenger should on the locks that will indicate From the Jet airways baggage allowance. Above 100ml of gels or liquids should not be carried at nearly all the airports in India and abroad.

The Jet Airways journey includes multiple carriers and also type of flight ticket the passengers have paid for as the baggage allowance can be different from the booking.