Jet Airways Ticket Cancellation

In cases of flight delays, after you have already checked in, and therefore the flight delay is two, three or four hours severally for flights having block time of upto 2.5 hrs, over 2.5 hrs and upto five hours or over five hours, there’s a provision for providing meals and refreshments by the carrier. Further, building accommodation as well as the transfers are provided just in case delay is over twenty four hours once regular departure of original flight. For flying inside Bharat, an amendment to the confirmed price ticket, either by manner of cancellation, postponement or amendment of itinerary, shall be done a minimum of one hour before flight. Charges of twenty five p.c of basic fare are applicable if now amount isn’t revered. There‚Äôs additionally a provision for levying re-issuance charge for tickets that are reborn from a better fare to a lower fare. For process a confirmed price ticket for refund, an extra documentation charge is additionally levied.

For tickets that have to be compelled to be processed for refunds however don’t attract cancellation or refund charges, there’s a levy of Rs a hundred as Refunds Administration Fee (RAF). International Sectors:

For international sector flights, if there’s an amendment in confirmed price ticket three hours before departure, there are charges for cancellation that vary from sector to sector.

If you cancel the flight tickets engaged on-line or amendment the dates of journey there’s levy of penalty fee of Rs 5000 and Rs 3000 severally for international flights and of Rs 1750 for each just in case of domestic flights. However, if it happens inside twenty four hours of constructing the reservation, penalty fee is waived off.

Jet Airways shall inform concerning flight cancellation to you thru SMS or call a minimum of three hours before regular departure provided you have got given correct and dealing mobile and phone line range, failing that the airline can pay

  1. a) Refund of tickets, if you’re not willing to various flights and
  2. b) an extra compensation ( if price ticket value is over the subsequent compensation amounts) of amounts Rs 2000, Rs 3000 or Rs 4000 for flights have block time severally of one unit of time or less, over one and upto two hours and over two hours. This compensation is provided within the sort of Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) that is to be uncashed at Jet ticketing counters.
  3. c) Meals and refreshments if you have got already rumored at the airfield.
  4. d) No compensation are paid just in case various arrangements done by Jet aren’t availed or cancellation happens thanks to reasons on the far side the management of Jet.

Jet Airways currently introduces ‘Zero Penalty Fees’ for changes or cancellations inside twenty four hours of booking on or Jet Airways mobile app. currently relish complete peace of mind with the liberty to vary or cancel your travel itinerary inside twenty four hours of booking. To cancel or amend your booking, merely use the Manage Booking facility on

Refunds are processed subject to refund penalties as per fare rules and can be paid as per the initial currency of payment, country of payment and sort of payment. Refunds are subject to refund penalties as per the Fare Rules. we’ll refund the worth of tickets purchased by you from our offices or airfield ticketing counters on to you:

If the price ticket has been bought in money, we’ll refund the quantity in cash; and

If the price ticket has been bought by mastercard, the income are attributable to the several credit cards

If the price ticket has been bought by open-end credit, the income are directly attributable to the several checking account

Tickets issued outside Bharat are refunded within the country wherever the price ticket has been purchased

In case you’re holding AN eTicket and need to cancel, remit or amendment your itinerary, you’re needed to report back to our ticketing counters for constant. Guests will relish the ability of cancelling or dynamical their e-tickets on-line, through the Manage Booking facility

Please note that bound fares could have conditions that limit or exclude your right to induce a refund. For complete details, please confer with the terms and conditions of that special fare or contact your nearest Jet Airways ticketing workplace or twenty four hours reservation centre or your agent

Refund Administration Fee (RAF) of Rs400 is levied, if the price ticket doesn’t attract the cancellation or refund penalties. So, this can be the minimum quantity that the guests have to be compelled to pay just in case they have refunds.

Any amendment to a confirmed price ticket issued on government agency fare – as well as cancellation, postponement, amendment of itinerary – should be done a minimum of one hour before a flight. Once a price ticket is reissued from a better to a lower fare, a re-issuance charge is levied, regardless of whether or not there’s any amendment in sector/class of travel

Subject to the ticketing closing date, if constant isn’t met, a twenty fifth cancellation charge on the fundamental fare are applicable. This is true for a printed full-fare price ticket. For special fares, please check the applicable cancellation charges. A documentation charge is levied once a confirmed price ticket is processed for refund

Tickets for international travel are subject to cancellation charges these are specific for a specific sector. Connected details are out there at our offices, airfield price ticket counters, on our web site while booking on-line and from our authorized travel agents.