Spicejet Baggage Allowance

SpiceJet allows free checked baggage allowance of 15 kgs per passenger for all of its domestic bookings and 22kgs of per passenger per flight. SpiceJet baggage allowance does not accept any responsibility which they are unsuitably packed, damaged perishable or of a fragile baggage for its minor damages. And which are also of an exterior baggage (e.g. scratches, soling, stains, dents) also resulting from a normal wear and tear for the water which is of damaged to a non-waterproof baggage.

In addition to SpiceJet baggage allowance allows the passengers with the complementary to carry on one small hand bag in addition with its small personal items, such as a handbag, ladies purse, blanket or an overcoat wrap, umbrella or a walking stick, which are of a reasonable amount of reading in its material. That may include small camera or of binoculars, Infant’s food for the passenger who are traveling with their Infant, computer or a laptop. Due to airport security regulations, no cabin SpiceJet baggage allowance is allowed on any of its flights which are originating from place of Jammu and Srinagar airports.

In SpiceJet baggage allowance they make allocation for a hand baggage which they are used only for fare. For which free check-in baggage allowance are permissible. A passenger who can purchase fare baggage can do so but it has to be checked-in baggage. This will be charged by fare type changes fees of Rs.400.

For the flights which are originating from Jammu and Srinagar of SpiceJet have baggage allowance of the hand-baggage which are not permitted on its board. Passengers who are allowed to check-in with the package of goods which are around 7 kg of check-in baggage, which are also of free of cost. Beyond it which is of such weight that is mentioned above are of fare type change fee which is of 400/-.

SpiceJet baggage allowance offers are assigned with seating at airport with check-in counters. For preferential seating SpiceJet offers you with an advanced seat in which it assigned at the time of booking or after booking they can be got by paying an additional fee. In additional SpiceJet baggage allowance is to the passenger who can also select the seats at the time of web check-in, which they are of with or without any charge. In case of exigencies SpiceJet baggage allowance are of reserves which are at right to change of an assigned seat without any prior notice. In such case, the seat fee will be refunded to the passengers. Any kind of excess baggage which are beyond the permissible are of free of baggage allowance will be charged with carriage rates that will vary from sector to sector. These rates are also available with the airline which is upon its request.

In case of international flights a SpiceJet baggage allowance is given for excess of 32Kgs in which it would be charged as per its excess baggage charges of Spice Jet. An excess SpiceJet baggage allowance will be charged at Rs.200Kg for each on one-way of its journey.

SpiceJet baggage allowance cannot accept the responsibility for any damaged or a fragile of baggage for any minor damages which are of the exterior baggage with the examples which are stained, scratches, soling and are dents which is resulting from a normal wear. The Passenger who are travelling on SpiceJet domestic sector also have the connection from another airline are from an international destination which are allowed for Free Baggage Allowance in which it is upto of 15 Kgs per passenger of per flight.

With any excess baggage which is beyond its permissible are of free baggage allowance it will also be charged for its carriage rates that will vary from sector to sector.
SpiceJet baggage allowance different in case of the gasses, flammable, non-flammable, deeply refrigerated products that is poisonous such as a butane liquid nitrogen, oxygen, aqualung cylinders of compressed gas which is of cylinders. SpiceJet passengers should be aware of the fireworks, flares, munitions, explosives, ammunition which are included the blank cartridges like handguns, pistol caps, and fireworks these are not allowed on the airlines. Apart from that solids flammable liquids such as like lighter fuel, lighter refills, paints, matches, fire-lighters, thinners, lighters t are very much in need of an inverting which are also before ignition, matches in which these may be carried on with the person, briefcases, radioactive material and that are also attached which in case with an installed alarm devices.

SpiceJet baggage allowance provides each passenger to carry on one bag and one personal item like a laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase. Assistive devices and outer garments does become part of the personal items. All the carry-on luggage should fit in the overhead bin under the seat in front of the passengers seating. One must be able to lift the carry-on into the overhead storage without any assistance. The carry-on Luggage maximum would be 45 linear in/115 cm from all perspective of length, width and height and the weight of which would be 22 lb/10 kg.