Trujet Flight Status

Trujet Airlines is a scheduled regional carrier with the brand name of Turbo Megha Airways. With the main hub in Hyderabad, they have the fleet size of 2 and serve 7 destinations across the country. It is an aircraft maintenance and ground-handling services company which commenced operation on 12 July 2015 with inaugural flight between Tirupati and Hyderabad. Operating since 2015 the airlines serves regions of Hyderabad, Rajahmudry, Tirupati and Aurangabad.  Currently, the airline is offering ground handling services to Spice jet in southern part of India. TruJet Airlines will also help you with information about flight status, booking, schedule and much more.

Check Trujet Flight Status

Trujet Airlines flight status provides real time information on the departure and arrival status of Trujet flights. To avail this service, simply enter your flight number or select the origin and destination of the flight and click on the option “show”. Passengers can get the real time flights status details of departure, arrival and timing details, with just the flight number provided on the Trujet Airlines tickets. Passengers can use the tracking tool to check all incoming flights or a specific incoming flight schedules as well as arrival and departure timing. The flight booking status of the Airlines can be checked by the passengers by either looking for it online or through toll free numbers. Trujet Airlines provides SMS services so that the passengers can review information on flight schedules, flight status and the current promotions of the Trujet flights.

In order to know about the Trujet airline’s flight status, just enter flight number and the flight destination on the official website of Trujet airlines. Hundreds of flights depart and arrive every day, so to track schedules for all or specific flights and get the gate information log on to the official website. Choose an origination or destination location to get started. An extensive Trujet Airlines flight schedule database has been created, so the passengers can gain access to the information which they are looking for, with just a few clicks. Flight Update service provides timely information about flight status to the passengers along with convenient and most powerful features which every traveller requires.

Thus, Trujet Airlines is committed to provide low-fare flights to customers in different parts of the country. To add to the great customer experience, the airline offers services and facilities that are beneficial for its passengers. Some of the services and facilities offered by the airlines are arranging a wheelchair if required and special assistance for unaccompanied minors etc.