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Checking Trujet Airlines PNR Status is made simple and swift with the website of Trujet Airlines. One ca get the real time flights status details of arrival , departure and timing details with the just the PNR number provided on the Trujet Airlines tickets. Trujet Airlines or Tubro megha Airways is a scheduled regional carrier with the brand name of Turjet . Operating since 2015 the airlines serves regions of Rajahmudry, Hyderabad, Tirupati and Aurnagabad. With the main hub in Hyderabad they have the fleet size of 2 and serves 7 destinations across the country.

One of the most affordable airlines offering and subsidy of Trubo aviation, the aircrafts are maintained and handled by the group in Hyderabad. Previously known as Turbo Megha Airways, Trujet is a regional airline with its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company owns total of 18 Tier II in the southern India cities serving new regional network destinations. The Trujet Airlines airline provides ground handling services at nine airports for Spice jet south India.

Trujet Airlines provides user friendly assistance on the website of Trujet Airlines offering details of flight tickets and tracking the booking information on the website. Trujet airline booking can be done online on the website of Trujet Airlines. Further, one can track the booking details with Trujet Airlines  PNR status give the user access to booking detail along with history just by providing PNR number or booking reference code along with the last name if the passenger. The Trujet Airlines website also allows the user to track the flight status of Trujet airline, all they have to do is to enter the flight number and the name of the flight destination the airlines would give complete information of the flight. This information will help the user to track every moment of the flight being booked with Trujet Airlines.

Trujet Airlines being new to the civil aviation industry offer budget airline travels the fare does not comprise in-flight food. The Trujet Airlines is planning to offer transportation services to numerous traveles across south India. The flight give favorable discounts to senior citizens above the age of 60 years and to students making travel more interesting. Initially operations were carried out from Chennai International airport.

Mr. Vankayalapati Umesh owns Turbo Megha Airways with 22 per cent stake. Mr.Umesh, is suppose tot have civil aviation career spanning for about more than 25 years, leveraging his profound experience in ground handling operations for other airlines services, he has been able to manage the cost and run the airline efficiently. The Trujet Airlines operates with 72-seater ATR aircrafts. The Trujet Airlines has taken two such flights on lease, and is expected to add one more in the upcoming months.

The Trujet Airlines is planning to add two more aircraft to its fleet to expand operations, especially in Chennai. The managing director stated that focusing the on 2 tier in the cities currently, the airlines has proposed for bigger aircrafts after  two years to connect the metros cities within India.  The operations will be expanded to the in the western region, which includes the Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Goa. The Trujet Airlines already operates at the major cities Vizag, Kadapa, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Tirupathi, , Hubli, Salem, Coimbatore and Tuticorin. The Trujet Airlines is all set make investments worth around Rs 500 crore for the upcoming five years and has already cumulatively invested upto 10-15%.

Currently the Trujet Airlines operates with three aircraft that connects 10 towns from the intial operation hub Hyderabad. The majore roots includes Chennai to Rajahmundry and Hyderabad to Tirupathi within the Andhra Pradesh. With the in-depth analysis of the Trujet Airlines the company is all set to focus on small aircrafts and smaller routes.

The Trujet Airlines PNR status eliminates difficulties while traveling longer distance. They assits tracking the details of the flight during the unexpected emergency or just on a simple a holiday trip within the country or overseas making the travel plan simple and comfortable, all one have to do is to visit the website of Trujet Airlines and reserve a ticket for a suited flight. Next, they will be able to track all the details of the flight with just providing the flight number.

Getting to know the flight status with the PNR number or booking reference number that is printed on the ticket. These details are the identification of the Passenger Name Record with the Trujet Airlines. They store the information to update the passenger or group of passengers traveling through The Trujet Airlines on particular ticket with PNR number. Using which the passenger can check current booking status of your flight. Having the check of the booking status of the flight is quite easy process. One has to simply enter the given PNR number for the booking reference number in the tracking field of the website of the Trujet Airlines and within minutes the current booking status of the flight is given. Further the ticket status also can be tracked on the same page.